Saturday, July 12, 2014

Super Googlio+ Bros 2014 Professional Deluxe

TL;DR: Broken Google+ for me, boo hoo, ideas for Google+ improvements.
NOTE: I may update this post in the future if I come up with more ideas.

Over the last week or so, Google+ has been much of a roller coaster ride for me for some reason or another. Not only have I been having some serious delays between mobile devices and desktop computers for getting notifications, but there are times I've missed whole conversations where I was mentioned in them and I did not know anything about it. *grumble*

I have a few thoughts about Google+ and things I wish they would do. This is more of a wish list than anything else.

Anything outside of the Main Timeline (home stream) should be moved off to an option menu with user selectable checkboxes (read as plugins) to be enabled or disabled. These options only control the desktop web interfaces. Keep mobile separate.

###["Home Menu" Optional Possibilities]###

[x] [Photos / Picasa] (Google+ Photos or Picasa? Which will it be? I know they are trying to push people from Picasa to Google+ Photos. Why not just merge them both in to Google Drive?)

[x] [Communities / Google Groups] (Merge one into the other. I'm surprised this hasn't been done already.)

[  ] Events (Put them in a Google Calendar and call the calendar "Plus Events" or something that can be ignored by unchecking this box. Some people abuse the Events feature of Google+ way too much, and it has got to a point of annoyance for many.)

[x] Hangout (Some people don't want to chat, I don't mind though. Disabling this may break live events like Hangout On Air on YouTube.)

[  ] Pages (This section seriously needs work. Business pages? Fan page? Pseudonyms for people to hide behind? Google, where are you going with this?)

[  ] Local (Does anyone even use this feature anymore? Sure, it's a way to find local people and businesses, but I really think Foursquare has that pretty well covered. Maybe buy Foursquare? :-/ )

###[Wanted New Features]###

[x] Disable animated images (Show first frame as still image and add a click-to-play feature.)

[x] Notification of new posts by individual users: link to select users from circles (Also, there should be checkbox when clicking the follow button asking if you want to be notified of new posts, or something similar to the little 'gear button' next to the 'Subscribe button' on YouTube. That works really well for what it does.)

[x] Filter keywords: link to filter list box popup (If a post contains listed words, the post will be rolled up and dimmed showing the poster's heading like normal, but tell the viewer that the post was filtered because of a keyword, link to the keyword box editor.)

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